My Experience with Google My Business

It’s super easy to go ahead and start up an online business. All you need is a website and some social media accounts. For a lucky few this is all that they will need and things just seem to happen. For me, this wasn’t the case. I found that no one was really seeing my online assets let alone buying anything from me. 

One of the most important things is a google my business account if you’re trying to run a local business. What I found with my business listing was that after I created my GMB I was getting about 10 views per month on maps but once I was able to fully optimise my google my business account I was getting much more traffic and many more eyes on my services this number improved by about 400% believe it or not.  

When I looked around even within the digital marketing industry not many people are using Google my business to its full potential. In particular, when I look into the dental industry I haven’t seen one business that has fully filled out their GMB completely.

All I had to do was go to the google business accounts page, upload a few photos and fill out some forms to tell people about what services I offer.  

Followed a template and filled in some pictures in the correct places and that was it. 

Spend some time learning about how to use Google my business and how powerful it can be as a free advertising tool.  You can even do all this on your mobile phone if you want to download the app. I think you may be really surprised by how much more time and views will get from google. 

Remember google is the one that decides your ranking so it pays to play their game,  they will reward you for your effort. 

If you would like to check out our free resources section of this website please click the link here. Other wise if you would like to get in touch with us about the services we offer please do so via our contact page. Feel free to follow us on YouTube.
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