My First Ever Client Had One Big Problem


I remember the first SEO Client that contacted me personally about buying services from me, It was a while back now, and I remember feeling so excited about making my first sale and taking that first step towards being a business owner. 


The biggest challenge that we faced together (my client and I), was that the previous web development team (a dodgy company) was trying to hold the client ransome. They were doing these bad business tactics that I honestly run into a bit, where basically the company will try to deny the business owner access to direct information or the ability to view their own property. In my experience this creates this climate of fear around the whole digital marketing process and leads people to believe that the marketing agency has this power over the business owner. 


Over the course of the following weeks myself and the client attempted to request access to the business owners assets which was met with endless excuses and series of wrong password and login details being provided by this dodgy developer. 


In the end, the client and I agreed to duplicate the website and change hosting provider as we had access to the domain nameservers. The result was that the client basically got a new website and that dodgy development team was now locked out from accessing any of the assets.  


From this experience I learned that: 

  1. Sometimes it’s easier to start over and it’s never too late to do so, particularly with online assets. 
  2. It’s easier to bypass someone rather than trying to reason with people that are being unreasonable.
  3. To share this message with every business owner I meet: Any accounts that are linked to an asset that belongs to you or your website/ social media account are by extension linked to your property and therefore, you have a claim to ownership or at least access to these accounts and information.  Think of it this way, you do have legal liability for actions these companies are taking on behalf of your business/website/social media so at the very least you should be able to go and take a look at all of the raw data. Anytime you hit a wall when asking for access to accounts that are linked to your property, I would be very suspicious of the accuracy of the information the agency is providing you.
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